05 May 2010

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first of all I wanna thank you for your job - evilvte is great (it's my favourite terminal)
However there is one thing I miss - but as I cannot name it in one  word I'll try to explain it in this post:
I use bash completion and when I write
in gnome-terminal I get list of possible mount locations from fstab (/mnt/cdrom, /boot etc.) <- it's bash-completion
unfortunately in evilvte when I write
I get regular bash prompt: Display all xxx possibilities? (y or n).
So it looks like bash completion doesn't work, but when I write
su -login
then bash-completion starts to work :)
It looks like su -login puts evilvte into some kind of "login mode" and I just wanted to ask if it's possible for evilvte to start initially in this 'login mode' ?
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2subject: evilvte in
I think it is something like xterm -ls/+ls option.
I did want to support it but had some little problem long time ago.
I will try it again. :-)
And, you may put bash-completion to .bashrc (before evilvte support -ls/+ls option).
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thx for your answer :)
I've already solved my problem by adding following line to my .bashrc:
if [ $(shopt login_shell|awk '{print $2}') = "off" ]; then /bin/bash --login;fi
 it checks if we are in a login shell and if not runs bash in login mode :)
thanks once again :)

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