05 May 2010


1subject: Search
I love it - evilvte is extremly fast and allows to tune VTE features. The ability to switch character encoding makes it more usable than any GTK based bloatware i used until now.  The only thing i realy miss in it is searching the scrollback.
Right now only konsole has both character encoding switching and scrolback search.  This forces me to use SecureCRT when working with various network devices ('sh ru' in IOS for example), because WINE is less resource hungry then KDE. If adding scrollback search to evilvte is possible it can become the most usable X terminal i know of.
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2subject: Search
Thank you!"searching the scrollback" is always on my TODO list. (Not listed in evilvte tarball.)
I also noticed it from konsole, and I like this feature. :-)
I will try to implant it, but maybe will not soon.
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