02 July 2010

Re: I would just like to report that...

Below is a comment for Flash white bug?

Tslil said...
> I would just like to report that I am having the same issue with evilvte (0.4.7 pre2) under an
> unrelated wm (called subtle wm, written in ruby), running on a differenet machine with no
> hardware or software in common save vte and evilvte. Still cant seem to figure it out.
> Hiato

To Tslil:

If you are saying the "flash white" issue,
I think it is libvte's problem.

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  1. Hi caleb,

    Yeah, I am beginning to suspect as much. Apparently, libvte has a rather poorly coded refresh routine which, under certain conditions causes the visual artefact I'm seeing.

    Thanks for your support though, and I now just use tmux to nest sessions in an evilvte instance instead of using multiple widows