20 October 2010

One week without internet

Update: I will be online next week. Thanks to Megi. :-)

I may have no stable internet access next week.

If you leave comments here, or mail something to me,

I can not reply you before 31 October. :-(

I hope I will be back sooner.

evilvte released

 * Fix a segfault bug of HOTKEY_MIMIC_SCROLL_UP and

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for evilvte

18 October 2010

Official mirror hosted at Google

Click to go to official evilvte homepage (mirror).

I also put a mirror download link for latest evilvte tarball at the top right of this blog.

17 October 2010

[WORKAROUND] DNS of evilvte host temporarily down

Update: calno.com has been moved to a new web hosting, so the IP is changed. :-)

evilvte is hosted on calno.com, but the DNS data is temporarily corrupted.

The workaround is adding IP data to your /etc/hosts:

???.???.???.??? www.calno.com

And everything will be fine.

06 October 2010

evilvte 0.4.7 released

 * Better compatibility with WM_CLASS
   - Accept environment variable RESOURCE_NAME
   - You may use --name and --class command line
     option to set WM_CLASS, both are provided
     by GTK+
   - Note that -title and -T no longer changes
   - Thanks to Zveroy <zveroy AT gmail DOT com> and
               Tetralet <tetralet AT gmail DOT com>
 * Accept environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH
   Thanks to letoh
 * Support -g +X+Y command line option to assign
   initial window geometry
 * Prevent tab labels getting focus
 * Make everything GTK+ 2.91.0 compatible

 * Changelog of 0.4.7~pre1 to 0.4.7~pre5

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for evilvte