20 November 2010

evilvte 0.4.8~pre1 released

 * Status bar and scrollbar can be hidden initially
   and be toggled on later
 * Better behavior for *_TOGGLE_TABBAR with
 * Sync window state with window manager
 * Fix some cross-platform issues
   Thanks to Aragon Gouveia
   <aragon AT phat DOT za DOT net>
 * Initial support for new VTE resizing behavior
   If you are using GTK+ version >= 2.91.1 and
   VTE version >= 0.27.1, the window size of
   evilvte is not always correct currently.
 * Make everything GTK+ 2.91.4 compatible

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for evilvte

13 November 2010

Start evilvte in power user mode?

Anonymous said...
> How to start evilvte in SUDO mode ?
> I use tinycore console program and 'sudo evilvte'.
> That works fine. But, if I add the same commandline to the tinycore menu,,, it does not work ???

Try this one:
evilvte -e sudo bash

sudo needs user to input password in the terminal, so basically it can not be used in menu system.
Some menu system can call programs within a terminal, but calling evilvte in evilvte is quite stupid. :-)

I have not checked tinycore menu system, maybe they has better solutions then 'evilvte -e sudo bash'.