29 January 2011

One week without internet

I may have no stable internet access next week.

3 February is Chinese New Year.

If you leave comments here, or mail something to me,

I may delay the reply to 8 February.

Anyway, happy Chinese New Year! :-)

21 January 2011

Color style Zenburn, and color scheme in config

thagraal said...
> Zenburn colors in evilvte.c ;-)
> Screenshot with ncmpcpp: http://ompldr.org/vNzM1dw
> Also request feature to add own scheme in config.

Thank you!
I have merged the patch to trunk. :-)
I do have plan to add color scheme in config, but with a lower priority. :-P

20 January 2011

evilvte 0.4.8~pre3 released

 * Fix a bug for multiple -e options in
   command line
 * Fix an i18n bug when linked to
   GTK+ version >= 2.90.0
 * Make everything GTK+ 2.99.2 compatible
   To build with older versions of GTK+ 2.9x,
   please export LDLIBS=`pkg-config --libs vte-2.90`

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for evilvte