28 March 2011

[Issue] evilvte-0.4.8 makes zsh segfault?

L29Ah said...
> evilvte-0.4.8 makes zsh segfault with this:
> #0 0x00007f353a7c209a in __strchr_sse2 () from /lib/libc.so.6
> #1 0x000000000044913e in init_jobs (argv=0x7fff5ba9dd18, envp=0x7fff5ba9dd20) at jobs.c:1697
> #2 0x000000000044410f in zsh_main (argc=0, argv=0x7fff5ba9dd18) at init.c:1441
> #3 0x000000000040fea4 in main (argc=0, argv=0x7fff5ba9dd18) at ./main.c:93
> If i run `evilvte -e zsh` it works flawlessly. Also, 0.4.6 didn't have such a problem.

I can not reproduce the bug. :-(

I tested evilvte 0.4.8 and zsh 4.3.11 with various settings.
Everything works as expected.

I suggest you to try these methods:
1. export CFLAGS="-DVTE_FORK_CMD_OLD=1" and rebuild evilvte
1. This will make evilvte to use vte_terminal_fork_command()
1. instead of vte_terminal_fork_command_full()
2. run evilvte with "SHELL" environment variable
2. ~$ SHELL=zsh evilvte &
3. run evilvte with or without "-ls" (login shell)
3. ~$ evilvte -ls &
4. upgrade your libvte

I know roxterm (<= 1.20.6) encountered similar problem.
However since I can not reproduce the bug in evilvte, I have no idea how to apply the diff from roxterm 1.20.7.

Further comments are very welcome.

20 March 2011

Redefine right click button to paste, the new method

Anonymous said...
> I would like to be able to redefine the right click button behavior to paste.

The setting is now supported in evilvte >= 0.4.9~pre1:
#define MENU_CUSTOM "Paste", "Auto-click"

Just assign anything to MENU_CUSTOM, and add "Auto-click".
You will not see the menu when clicking right mouse button.

"Auto-click" works fine with MENU_MATCH_STRING_EXEC.
Right-click menu to "Open" or "Copy" will popup as before, when URL is detected.

evilvte 0.4.9~pre1 released

 * Support "Auto-click" when there is only one
   effective menu item.
   You can assign anything to right-click now.
 * Support embedded GTK3_CSS

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for evilvte