22 September 2011

evilvte 0.5.0~pre1 released

 * Sync COLOR_STYLE: ZENBURN with xterm
   Thanks to Artur Dryomov <me AT ming13 DOT ru>
   Previous ZENBURN is renamed to ZENBURN_DARK
 * Replace all deprecated functions that have
   suitable replacements
 * Make everything GTK+ 3.1.92 compatible
   GTK+ version >= 3.1.90
 * Make everything VTE 0.29.1 compatible
   If you encounter problems, try export
   CFLAGS="-DUSE_ACCESSIBLE=0" and rebuild evilvte.

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for evilvte

07 September 2011

IP Transition of evilvte host

evilvte is hosted on calno.com, and its IP has been changed.

If you can not visit calno.com, the workaround is adding IP data to your /etc/hosts: www.calno.com

If you mailed to me but was rejected, please resend it later. :-P

03 September 2011

All new evilvte tarballs will be xz compressed

I happened to find that xz has an --extreme option.
It often makes files much smaller, even with -0 compression level.
I tested -0 to -9 and -0e to -9e tens of times and found that -0e and -3e often produce the smallest evilvte tarball.
(It is quite different for other data.)

Decompressing a -0e tarball only needs 1 MiB of RAM, and 5 MiB for -3e.
I think any device today will do the job well, so I changed the default compression of evilvte to xz.

Gzipped tarballs will be provided as a fallback.
I have not decided when to stop shipping newly gzipped tarball.

Filesize comparison of evilvte 0.4.9:
xz   -0e 52448 bytes (86% of gzip, 91% of bzip2)
bzip2 -9 57670 bytes (94% of gzip)
gzip  -9 61286 bytes