03 September 2011

All new evilvte tarballs will be xz compressed

I happened to find that xz has an --extreme option.
It often makes files much smaller, even with -0 compression level.
I tested -0 to -9 and -0e to -9e tens of times and found that -0e and -3e often produce the smallest evilvte tarball.
(It is quite different for other data.)

Decompressing a -0e tarball only needs 1 MiB of RAM, and 5 MiB for -3e.
I think any device today will do the job well, so I changed the default compression of evilvte to xz.

Gzipped tarballs will be provided as a fallback.
I have not decided when to stop shipping newly gzipped tarball.

Filesize comparison of evilvte 0.4.9:
xz   -0e 52448 bytes (86% of gzip, 91% of bzip2)
bzip2 -9 57670 bytes (94% of gzip)
gzip  -9 61286 bytes

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