22 October 2011

evilvte 0.5.0 released


 The "One binary to rule them all!" Release

 * Fix a bug for -e option
 * Fix a bug for input method menu
 * New configure option: --with-gtk=2+3|3+2
   The binary will not link to VTE nor GTK+, thus
   can support GTK+ 2.x and 3.x at the same time.
   It still depends on VTE runtime, of course.
   Use --2 or --3 command line options to choose
   the version of GTK+.
   If evilvte segfaults with --3 option,
   please try export USE_ACCESSIBLE=0 or
 * Drop codes with VTE version < 0.17.1

 * How to report bug, request feature,
   or submit patch for evilvte

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